Day Hollow Animal Hospital

345 Day Hollow Road
Owego, NY 13827


 In the summer of 2018 we began offering unique class opportunities. We changed several of the 6 week classes to 4 week classes to help people get in their training while still having time for life. These are the new 4 week classes being offered. 

  • Puppy Scouts-A level 1 class for puppies and young adult dogs who have not had previous training. We start to introduce basic command, focus and good manners. 
  • Kalm K9's-A level 2 class for dogs who have taken some sort of class previously. This class continues the basic behaviors adding in distraction, distance and duration. More emphasis on staying calm and focusing around distractions. We work on walking well on a leash and greeting strangers politely.
  • K9 Partners-A level 3 class to continue with good manners and focus around distractions. We will take this training to the streets and practice in public. 
  • K9 Olympics-A level 2 class for dogs who like a challenge. We will work on multiple physical and mental activities, jumps, weave poles, tunnels and learn many fun tricks. This is a great class for high energy and/or unfocused dogs.
  • Off Leash Recall Games-This is a unique training opportunity that incorperates games that orient your dog to you in all situations. This class will spend time outside. Lunge lines will be used for safety.