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Positive, Reward Based Dog Training @ The Behavior Barn!


The Behavior Barn offers dog owners a unique opportunity to develop your dog into a well behaved family companion. Our training method is based on canine learning theory. Canine learning theory is essentially how a dog's brain works in order for them to learn. We use this information to develop an efficient way of communicating with your dog. Our classes and curriculum are based on this theory and, in turn, you get fantastic results!  

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What is positive, reward based training?Positive dog training methods use positive reinforcement(usually food)to encourage a dog to repeat a desired behavior. With positive reinforcement your dog will be a willing participant and you will see how quickly your dog will change it's behavior for the better. We sincerely believe a well behaved dog starts with a positive bond with its owner. That bond cannot be formed without a clear understanding of how a dog learns and what motivates them to do what you ask. Your dog will learn the necessary behaviors needed to be a well behaved, family companion. You will learn how to "talk to your dog" in a way he will understand. 


Positive Dog Training Program with certified Dog Trainer, Ashley Lassila!




Our group classes are an ongoing training program to help you and your best friend succeed.

You must attend a people-only orientation or be a current Behavior Barn client before starting classes. Once you have attended orientation, you are welcome to join at any time.

 The benefits for ongoing classes are:

  • Allows for a flexible schedule so you can attend any of our 5 classes on any scheduled day or time. This means you can skip a class without falling behind.
  • Gives you the time to work on behaviors at you and your dogs own pace. You are able to attend a class as many times as you feel you need.
  • Start at any time after you have joined us for our People-Orientation.

Click here for our dog training class calendar. 

There are 5 different classes available.

Each class covers different behaviors.

Each behavior in a class has a difficulty level of 1-4 to work through. To proceed to the next level you will have to take a test.

  • Mannerly Mutt: This class covers behaviors like sit, down, recall, and leave it in the presence of different distractions. 
  • Focus Fun: Learn how to get your dog to choose you over other exciting distractions like other dogs, people and even that pesky squirrel.
  • Kalm K9: Enjoy the perks of teaching your dog how to be calm in any situation. 
  • Confident Canine: Help your dog to become confident and optimistic in any situation.
  • Leash Manners: Work through the different levels of getting your dog to walk nicely on a loose-leash.

Classes have a maximum of 6 dogs. Class schedules may change according to demand. If no one has signed up for a particular class, we will cancel and use that time for other things. 

Please give us a 24 hour notice if you would like to attend any of our classes.



We also offer the following 

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen testing 
  • AKC Community Canine and Urban Dog testing
  • AKC Trick Dog testing and titles
  • Canine Social Skills
  • Dog Daycare 
  • Training consultations 


 The following are the medical requirements for joining any group service at The Behavior Barn

  • Dogs must have up to date vaccinations, including the Distemper Combo, Rabies, Kennel Cough vaccines and a fecal test with negative results before joining a group class, daycare or puppy playtime. Daycare dogs MUST be on Vet approved intestinal parasite prevention and flea and tick preventative. 

Please call for more information! 


   Daycare is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's from 9:00-5:00    

Daycare offers social dogs a supervised play time to burn off energy and have tons of fun! We have an indoor and fenced in outdoor area where dogs can play and run with their friends while you work or run errands. There is occasional use of crates, but never a set amount of time. Dogs are provided training to instill manners, puzzle toys, games, and lots of love. For a small additional fee dogs can get one on one training sessions, bath, nail trims, leash walks or tooth brushing. Half and full day sessions are available. See our Doggy Daycare page for more information or give us a call.



PUPPY PLAYTIME!-Bring your puppy (under 6 months of age) to play and socialize with other puppies in a safe and supervised environment. Sessions are supervised by Ashley, our Dog Trainer. Puppy owners can chat with Ashley during playtime to get tips and solutions for any issues at home. Puppy Playtime is being held every Thursday evening at 5:15. All participants must be up to date with vaccinations, including kennel cough and be on parasite prevention. $5.00 per session. Preregistration is required as space is limited.



            A few of our dog training class graduates! 


Please call (607)687-1750 for more information!

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