Day Hollow Animal Hospital

345 Day Hollow Road
Owego, NY 13827



Doggie Daycare is a perfect opportunity to allow your social dog to play with others while you work or run errands. Your dog must be social with other dogs to participate. Your dog will have so much fun, he/she won't want to go home. Trust happens everyday. 

  This is Ava refusing to leave!      "Five more minutes??"


We offer a safe indoor area and two large fenced in outdoor areas with grass, trees and climbing toys. While dogs are outside, a staff member supervises and/or plays ball and other fun games with the dogs.

Proof of up to date vaccinations including DHPP, Rabies, Kennel Cough and and a negative fecal test are required to attend daycare. Dogs must also be on approved internal and external parasite prevention. We do not accept Fronline Plus or other over the counter budget products as they are not effective. This area is infested with ticks and we want your dog protected while at daycare. 

Doggie Daycare is available the following days and hours

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Half day (4 hours or less) is $15.00

Full day (more than 4 hours) is $25.00 

Pre-registration is required before your first visit to complete paperwork and medical records. Once your dog(s) is registered he/she can be dropped off without prior notice. 

The dogs are supervised by our Dog Trainer and/or another staff member. Supervision is critical to prevent injury and arguments between dogs. Good manners are worked on throughout the day. The dogs learn and are expected to sit and wait at the door, sit for treats and come to their name from the group. 

  'Wait at the door' could save your dogs life!

 Cuddles are always free!!      



Daily Schedule

  • 9:00 -11:00 am is free play outside or inside depending on the weather. Dogs are given free access to whatever area they want to be in. We play ball and run with them to keep them active and having fun. We play "chuck it"(throw balls with our Chuck it sticks) and "find it" where we toss treats into the air for the dogs to find. In the warmer months this will also be pool time.
  • 11:00-12:00 is training time. We bring out the training treats and dogs are asked to do basic commands such as sit, down, stay and wait. We also work on impulse control(we don't get our treat until our name is called). This is done around the other dogs adding to the need to focus with distractions. We will do one on one training sessions for half day dogs and services (nail trims, tooth brushing, bath etc) during this time.
  • 11:30-12:30 is nap time. This time is essential, especially for dogs who stay all day. If they dont have a little time off, the dogs can get testy and impatient with each other. During nap time, some dogs are in crates and some not and they are rotated. We listen to calming music or nature sounds. Puppies eat lunch during this time.
  • 12:30-2:30 is free play again(and human lunch breaks). The dogs can play inside or outside during this time. 
  • 2:30-4:00 is training time. The treats are out again and the dogs practice their good manners and obedience skills. One on one training sessions for those who are interested. 
  • 3:30-5:00 is free play or service time. This is when we take dogs wanting extra services, such as tooth brushing, nail trims, baths or one on one training sessions. 

Indoor play consists of access to toys, tunnels, ball pit, peanut butter bubbles and enrichment toys(search games, puzzle toys, indoor fetch toys) 

  This is Penny's favorite game

 Eowyn is looking for treats in a mini ball pit(for a mini dog)

 Enrichment toys encourage thinking and uses up mental energy                                               

Learning to enjoy tunnels helps to build confidence.    

 "Ready?"  "Ok!" The ball pit is a favorite for the "find it" game.

Your dog's time at day care is fun AND educational. This makes our daycare different than any other!


  Tired dogs are GOOD dogs!! 

The following are additional services available while your dog is at day care. 

  • Bath before going home($25) In the spring and on rainy days the dogs seem to find every speck of mud and standing water on the property and can sometimes go home not smelling of roses. If you would like to pick up a fresh pup, consider this service!
  • Tooth brushing ($10) Many owners don't have the time to perform this most beneficial service. We can and will wrestle(if needed) your dog to clean those teeth. 
  • Nail Trims ($15.95) Our hospital staff are pro's at getting your pups nails short with as little restraint as possible. Most dogs just think its peanut butter time.
  • 30-minute training session($25) to brush up on previous behaviors or to work on new ones. Content is based on the needs of the owner and the dog.
  • 30-minute leash walks($10) on the property where your dog can sniff and flush out critters and enjoy some, much loved, one on one time with a staff member. 
  • A filled Kong toy  at nap time.

Each dog's temperament will be evaluated by our Dog Trainer to ensure the safety of other dogs and humans. There may be reasons to deny your dog into the group. Dogs who need extra supervision to play safely may have an additional fee.

*IMPORTANT*Any dog showing any sign of illness will be isolated and sent home. Although all dogs must be vaccinated, there is still a risk of illness as dogs are exposed to illness whenever they are in public. Proof of up to date vaccinations including DHPP, Rabies, Kennel Cough, and use of intestinal and external parasite prevention. Dogs must be on Vet approved parasite prevention. We do not accept Fronline Plus or other over the counter budget products as they are not effective. This area is infested with ticks and we want your dog protected while at daycare. Ask a staff member for effective solutions to parasites.

Dogs who are not well socialized may be accepted on a case by case basis. That dog may be required to wear a basket muzzle to keep other dogs safe, while being trained. There will be an additional fee for dogs requiring constant supervision and training. Although this is a great opportunity for unsocial dogs to learn to be good with other dogs. 

The Behavior Barn offers a fun and safe environment for your dog. Please understand that dog's are animals and sometimes make decisions we do not agree with. There may be times behaviors will need to be interrupted to prevent arguments between dogs. The use of the Pet Corrector (a spray can of compressed air that emits a hissing sound) a firm voice or another sound may be used to interrupt dogs who are exhibiting threatening behaviors. Your dog may be put in a "time out" for inappropriate behavior.