Day Hollow Animal Hospital

345 Day Hollow Road
Owego, NY 13827


Please feel free to send us an e-mail with your pet picture if you would like it to be on this page!

Rylie - Rylie now 1 years old!Myya- Myya is 7 years old and a rat terrier. Luca - is a two year old red sesame Shiba Inu and has two siblings, Kayla and Molly!Kayla - is a four year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, and has two silbings Luca and Molly!Molly - is a three year old Bernese mix and has two siblings, Kayla and Luca!Alf - Alf is a Cairn Terrier, A loveable little bundle and has one sibling, Jasper!Jasper- Is a rescue cat who likes to cry and play a lot, he has one sibling, Alf!Dooley (white shepherd), Hiro (Husky), Beau (Golden) and Rylie (Golden)Oliver- Oliver's pet parents adopted him at 9 months old last December and were happy to have him come live with them. He is quite a playful guy but loves to snuggle up with his people at bedtime!Shadow- Here are some pictures of Shadow enjoying the cold and snow. She has really loved our winter this year! Shadow turned 2 years old in February. Sammy- Sammy is a 5 year old Morkie who loves to play fetch, go for walks, watch tv, and take long naps!Jackson and Alexia- These two are best buddies, and are watching the Super Bowl together in this picture!Shadow- Here is another picture of Shadow, enjoying this winter!Callie and Bailey- Callie is a 7 year old silver labrador and Bailey is a 1 year old Shorkie. This picture is the two of them basking in what little sun they got this winter!Bailey- Bailey sporting her Christmas collar!Taz- Taz is a rescue dog who has been with his family for nine years. He is such a sweet heart and loves to go tailgaiting with his family!Callie- Enjoying her favorite summer pasttime!Sugar- This is our receptionist Karen's best friend!Max!Duke!Penny and Munch- They are best friends! (And two of the staff's pets!)Gracie- Nobody told me Poinsettas are poisonous (It's plastic!)Penny- Penny loves to play whether it be with another dog, a frisbee or a ball!Jackson and Slugo!Jackson!Slugo and a kitty pal!Maya- Maya is an indoor kitty, but likes to go for adventures on her leash from time to time. Ozzie- Ozzie likes to hide in sinks and tubs, and pops out to scare people when they least expect it!Windsor!Jack!Shelly Cleopatra!Badger and Rukia - Best buds since they were pups!Badger and Rukia- Looking sharp!Abbie - Abbie is a 6 year old Sheltie, who is currently enjoying the winter watching squirrels in Florida!Junior and JJOdie and Dawson- Odie (short haired) and Dawson (long haired) were adopted by their pet parents from the Elmira Animal Shelter in January of 2012!Dawson!Odie!Geezer- Geezer is our resident house cat!Honeybear!Eddie- Eddie strayed up to his pet parents home almost four years ago when they officially adopted him! This photo is of Eddie waiting for his Mom to give the "OK" before he can take his treat! He is a good learner and a super good boy!Putty!Elsa- Elsa came to live with her Pet Parent and his older cat Ernie around Thanksgiving time. Elsa's dad is very happy to have her, Ernie is still thinking about it. Harley- Harley is a brindle pug who shares her home with her corgi sister Quinn. They are two energetic sisters, garbage man opponents and happy patients of DHAH!Quinn- Quinn is Pembroke welsh corgi who shares her home with her pug sister Harley- they are two energetic sisters, garbage man opponents and happy patients of DHAH!Lia and Wally!!Moose!Ted!!Ted!Angela- She was with her pet parents for 19 years. She was special in so many ways. She loved being with people and was known for giving high fives. She had a special toy that she carried around the house while meowing to it. She was such a joy.Mikey- He was a very special and patient tiger cat. He was a gentle giant at a stealth 15 pounds. His owner was blessed to have known Mikey from the day he was born until the day he passed on, a little under 11 years. Billie Jean- Billie Jean is Mikey's litter mother. Billie Jean's pet parent had the pleasure of her company for 14 years. She was petite and so very soft. She was wonderful company and never caused any trouble.Minnie Mitts-Minnie came to her pet parent as a stray and was so small they thought she was a kitten. She has tiny feet of any cat that they have ever seen- hence her name. She is energetic and a wonderful companion. Em- She is a 3 year old mixed breedEm!Zeek!Bandit!Kyera!Teddy!Zazu!Micky!- Micky is short for Michelangelo, and he is a 4 year old 'ragdoll'Frankie Figs! - He is 9 years old, and is a hyper and loveable dog!Gracie MaeMack!Madison!Madison and Mack!Mack and Madison!Mort!Naelia!Elizabeka!Gracie, Naelia and Lizzie!Scarlet- Is a 9 month old hound mix who was adopted by Tom and Janet of Owego. She is still a puppy with a lot of energy, which has been hard this winter, but with spring coming she will be outside more where she will be able to run and chase a ball!Sophia!Isabella!Truman is a very handsome Golden Retriever who loves DHAH!Frijo- This is Frijo's graduation shot for a year book! :)Frijo- Enjoying a nice snooze on some paperworkFrijo!Oliver is a city dog who frequently visits up here, and was a good friend to Frijo. Thor - Sleeping through his visit at the Vet!Dixie!Charlie!Gremlin!Dixie and Duncan!MagicDixie and Duncan's Christmas Photo!Alysha and her mom!DakotaAbby at the Vets for a check up!Dawson and Odie Oliver GAriel M